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The Engineer :

Andie Thomson has over 15 years experience in Sound Engineering . He is also a musician, and composer as well as a highly skilled producer . Because of his skills many clients return regularly.


Paul Aiden is getting some great reviews to his last recordings at gighouse. You can hear 'Its over now' at myspace 
He is due back in later this month recording a new project, so watch this

I have recorded at Gighouse many times since my first visit in 1994. Song projects that I've worked on in the studio have included recordings of a brass ensemble, a string quartet and specialist percussion players. I like the space of the studio, the easy-going nature of the studio engineer, andie thomson, and the beautiful rural surroundings, (even from the woods at the top of the hill it's almost impossible to see any modern roads or vehicles - except for an occasional tractor ploughing a distant field.)

Andie is able to naturally put people at ease, he is also very good at finding the right session musician needed for a project, and has a clear and patient way of explaining and demonstrating both conventional sound techniques and the best ways of using the latest electronic technology. An example of how andie's experimental flair helped me to find the exact sound I was looking for was when I wanted to give some songs an old-fashioned 1930's style sound. Using old Mics and recording techniques andie was able to re-create typical sounds of that period.

As a solo musician, a point that particularly appeals to me about this studio is that I can piece together songs in stages, and record my material at my convenience, and alone in the building if necessary.

While Gighouse is mainly used by rock bands and songwriters, I have heard some very interesting folk, classical, World music from there, and BBC radio plays too!

Ricky Roberts ( Sounds of the Crowd Oct 08)

John Spiers ( melodeon & concertina ) and Jon Boden (lead singer & fiddle ) deserve sales as well as acclaim for what they've done here with Bellowhead. Certain writers are even comparing the impact of Bellowhead to that of Fairport and Pentangle, quite some comparison. When I first picked up their latest album 'Matachin' I wanted to see if there was a giddy party jig, aka 'London Town' from 'Burlesque'. Spotting a song titled 'Whiskey Is The Life Of Man', I skipped forwards and listened. Carefully noting from the informative liner notes that the song is a shanty that was sung in England and North America and made popular by of all things a bearded Yorkshire man. Anyway, the first two seconds of the track are enough to convince anyone worried Bellowhead couldn't match the quality of 'Burlesque'. It also helps of course that the song is about Whiskey and has a drunken, marching feel.

Bellowhead have dug 'Fakenham Fair' out from somewhere and given it a sweet arrangement that brings out some beautiful melodies. If any Bellowhead tune so far could provide them with a crossover pop hit, this could be the one. Big words of praise by the way for the female vocals in the mix, they really do send chills through me when the harmonies come in. So, we've got two excellent songs in 'Fakenham Fair' and 'Whiskey Is The Life Of Man'? Well, we've got a third in 'Roll Her Down The Bay', a stupendously well-arranged piece of folk music. Parping trumpets and deep bass notes evoke love and life - and hats off to band member Pete Flood for arranging this tune! Cholera Camp' witnesses a Kipling poem married to unsettling music that revels in both tragedy and high comedy. 'Trip To Bucharest' is an original composition by band member Rachael McShane and yet another superbly arranged piece.

The sound this 11 piece band make is enhanced considerable by the engineering skills of andie thomson at gighouse recording studio ( The album has a rich expensive sound to it, which really helps the music on 'Matachin' build into a series of movies. Only a couple of tunes towards the end of the album seem to suggest Bellowhead are running out of steam, but only suggest. 'Bruton Town' for instance is very good with some nice cool jazzy melody lines. Jazz folk? Whatever next!

Seize the day

Dubbed "The Authentic voice of protest in Britain " Folk band 'Seize the Day 'have used Gighouse since autumn 1995.They say "Of all the studios we've used, Gighouse is still our first choice. It's a versatile and creative space, and engineer Andy Thomson has the experience we need, an almost super-human attention span and a sense of humour to pull us through some of our stickiest sessions!" "We are a campaigning band and it is important to us that our message gets across to the broadest possible audience.The quality of our gighouse tracks like 'With my Hammer ' and 'Designer Kidz' has helped us get air-play on US and Canadian radio , BBC world service, Radio 4 and various TV programmes across the world "











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