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Control Room :

The control room is a large 7x7 m room. It is comfortable , well lit and acoustically designed to control bass boom.Our editing and mastering suite produces superb results and we can edit and Master recordings done elsewhere.

"The most crucial component in the digital recording environment is high-quality A/D conversion and the most trusted and desirable converters are made by Prism Sound Apogee."

We now have:

Prism Sound and Apogee Digital/Analogue converters( Industry Standard) These are used on all digital sound sources including mixdown, remixing and mastering .

An 8-core MacPro (2 x 3 GHz Quad-Core processors). 16 gig of ram. 2.25 TB of internal drives running OSX Leopard 10.5.6. Digital Performer v6.02 with tc Powercore and SSL Duende. This system is compatible with Pro-tools files and very stable. Fantastic DVD Quality sound! We also have a Mackie Control Surface to give a "hands on feel " when working with digital mixes .

Yet more top-end Plug-ins including the Sonnex Oxford EQ suite,Transmod, Inflator and SuperEsser . The Sonalksis Max Limit, Multi Limit, Stereo tools, ultimate D and all 3 of the ‘essentials' plugins. Audio ease's Altiverb6 (for fantastic room simulation and reverb Fx) and SSL's Bus Compressor, Channel strip, DrumStrip, X-comp, X-EQ, vocal strip.

Tascam DA45HR 24 bit DAT Recorder .
MOTU midi express midi control system.
TC Electronic Finalizer 96K 24 bit for professional mastering. TC Powercore Processer providing independent multi FX on every track.

DVD RAM drive(Glyph) for portable back-up of up to 9.4GB sound files.

Our headphone system has been up-graded to Beyerdynamic DT100 closed headphones(industry standard)

We also have a Roland TD8 VDrum percussion sound module with V Drum Triggers

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