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Bands worth watching out for:


Le Cod Afrique have released a CD mixed and mastered at Gighouse    
Congratulations to Dr Teeth Bigband who have been signed by Big Bear Records on their debut album “Rhythm is our business” recorded at Gighouse.

Manos Peustas Quartet have recorded their debut album


Groovestone have just recorded and mixed their latest 5 song demo in a record breaking time of 12 hours!!!
Paul Aiden is getting some great reviews of his recent recordings at gighouse. 
The Toy Hearts having now completed their debut album "If The Blues Comes a calling” they are back recording again.
Sambassadors of Groove have just completed a CD    
Nick Hall has just mixed and mastered a CD    
Mark Yakes has just completed a CD of his poetry and music distributed by Rickshaw Productions    
Antihero new 3 track demo CD success   Radio 1 airplay for their Demo!
Souler Rhythm have recorded a new CD- listen to two tracks on this page!  
Simon Monaghan and his band Leere have just released a single Hazel
Satsangi have recently completed a Video  


Wish have just recorded a CD at the Studio more information to follow!! tthese tracks were recorded live at Kellys
Matt Black -check out this page !! and Tone , his band.

Jaded Faith have just recorded their first cd" Demolished"

Intrigue in Tangiers Mel and Roger have recorded 6 albums at Gighouse ,listen to one of thier tracks on our Showreel page .
Shotgun Junky - formed in feb 06, recorded 3 track CD @ Gighouse in April 06, playing lots of Kent gigs and developing a good following. Have had local radio airplay.  
Medusa Touch are recording a CD, info from  




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