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Seize the Day:

are currently recording a new album 'All hands that are ready'

Dubbed "The Authentic voice of protest in Britain " Folk band 'Seize the Day 'have used Gighouse since autumn 1995.


They say "Of all the studios we've used, Gighouse is still our first choice. It's a versatile and creative space, and engineer Andy Thomson has the experience we need, an almost super-human attention span and a sense of humour to pull us through some of our stickiest sessions!"


""We are a campaigning band and it is important to us that our message gets across to the broadest possible audience.

The quality of our gighouse tracks like 'With my Hammer ' and 'Designer Kidz' has helped us get air-play on US and Canadian radio , BBC world service, Radio 4 and various TV programmes across the world "






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