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We have a progressive policy toward assessing/purchasing new equipment as and when it appears on the market. However, if specific equipment is required for a session it can be hired in at very **reasonable rates**








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Mixing Desk



  • Soundcraft GHOST
  • expanded to 56 inputs (fed directly from the Live areas). Our GHOST has been professionally modified (up rated power supply, recapped with Nichicon capacitors and the standard operational amplifiers have been replaced with Burr-brown and analogue devices OpAmps). Quite simply, this desk, its EQ and preamps sound spectacular!
  • Full EQ on all inputs
  • 120 channels available on remix
  • Midi-mute on all channels
  • DVD ready 5.1 surround sound

DVDVD ready 5.1



  • Main monitors:
    triamp 1037A
  • Nearfield:
    biamp 1031A
  • Midfield:
    Yamaha NS10 powered by Alesis RA300 power amp

    Street monitors:
    Hitachi 3D30E (beatbox)
  • Beyerdynamic DT100 Headphones in Live areasB
  • Live Room Monitors:
  • Tannoy DC100's
  • Beyer Dynamic DT100 closed headphones (industry standard)



96 track digital Recording

Our 96 track recording system is run on an 8-core MacPro (2 x 3 GHz Quad-Core processors) with 16 gig of ram and 2.25 TB of internal drives.

We use OSX Leopard 10.5.8.

Our main recording/sequencing package is Digital Performer v7.02 and uses 2 lynx AESe soundcards that plug directly into 24 channels of PrismSound 'Dream ADA8' A/D and D/A converters, 2 channels of PrismSound DA2, 2 channels of Apogee P100.

Additional processing and FX are handled by a powerful tc electronic 'PowerCore' and SSL ‘Duende' Platform.

This system is compatible with Pro-tools files and very stable. Fantastic DVD quality sound! We also have a Mackie Control Surface to give a "hands on feel " when working with digital mixes.

Mastering to Industry Standard with Avalon, PrismSound, Apogee and tc electronic

"The most crucial component in the digital recording environment is high-quality A/D conversion and the most trusted and desirable converters are made by PrismSound and Apogee." We now use PrismSound and Apogee A/D and D/A converters for monitoring all digital sound sources in the studio. This includes monitoring during mixdown, re-mixing and mastering.





Avalon VT-737SP TUBE preamplifier with opto-compressor and sweep equalizer x2 (these are connected directly to our Prism ADA8's).

TL audio stereo preamp x1


Microphones : List includes the following:

Calrec Soundfield SPS422 x1

AKG C12 valve microphone x1 check out the spec on this mic!!!

Neumann U87 x1 (Made in 1967, this mic sounds better and better as time goes by!!!)

Brauner Phantom C x1

Rode K2 Class A variable pattern Dual 1” tube Condenser Microphone x1

Neumann TLM 193 x2

Neumann KM184's x2

AKG C414 EB x2

AKG 451EB's x2

Beyerdynamic MC740N x1

Audio Technica AT4033 x2

Sennheiser 509 x2, e609 x1, e604 x4

Shure SM57x2, Beta56x1, Beta52x1, Beta91x1,

PZM x4


Analogue FX and signal Processors

Many of the effects we use are now within the computer. These are called Plugins and are listed after the analogue FX/signal processors.

Analogue FX processors

Lexicon PCM 70,80,90

Sony R7 digital reverb

Sony D7 digital delay

Roland RSP-550

Tc electronic Fireworks 96k(midi controlled)

Bel BD-80S digital delay

Tc electronic M300 dual engine processor

Analogue Signal Processors

Avalon VT-747SP stereo TUBE opto-compressor

Avalon AD2055 Pure Class A music equalizer

Distressor EL8-X British Mode x2

Tc Electronic Finalizer 96K 24 bit (also used for mastering)

Drawmer Quad Compressor

Drawmer mono Compressor x 4

Drawmer mono Noise Gates x 4

Stereo Drawmer Noise Filter

LA Quad Noise Gates

DBX 120X Sub harmonic Synthesizer

BBE Sonic Maximizer

Line 6 Pod Pro 96K 24bit Guitar Processor

Line 6 Bass Pro 96k 24bit Bass Processor















Audio Ease: altiverb 6, Antaries: Auto-tune 5, apulSoft apTrigga2

ArtsAcoustic : Reverb, AudioRealism: Bass Line Pro

Camel Audio: CamelPhat and CamelSpace

Celemony: melodyne plugin and studio 3.1

iZotope: Alloy, ozone 4, RX, spectron, trash, iDrum and Vinyl

Softube: vintage amp room, Tube-Tech CL 1B

IK Multimedia: AmpegSVX, Amplitube 2, T-Racks (EQ, tube-comp, Limiter, clipper), T-Racks 3

Native instruments: Absynth 4, B4 11, GuitarRig 2,GuitarRig 3

PSPaudioware: Lexicon 42, 84, 806 multidelay, easyVerb, MixBass, MixPressor, MixSaturator, MixTreble, Neon, Nitro and VintageWarmer2

Sonnex: Filters, Dynamics, EQ, TransModifier, Inflator, Limiter and SuperEsser

SSL Duende: Bus Compressor, Channel strip, DrumStrip, X-comp, X-EQ, vocal strip

tc electronic: MegaVerb, VSS3, ClassicVerb plus many more

WaveArts: FinalPlug5, MasterVerb5, MultiDynamics5, Panorama5, TrackPlug5

Applied Acoustics Systems: StringStudio VS1, LoungeLizard EP3, UltraAnalog

Drumagog Platinum (with a huge drum sample library)

FXpansion: BFD and BFD2 (10kits)

Toontrack: EasyDrummer (8 kits)

Sonalksis: Max Limit, Multi Limit, Stereo tools, ultimate D

VirSyn: cantor

Synthology: Ivory (wonderful piano module)

AudioRealism: BassLinePro

MOTU: Digital Performer v7.02

Apple: LogicPro8, FinalCutPro, PeakPro


Mixdown /Mastering Hardware


Tascam DV-RA 1000 HD/CD/DVD Recorder

Tascam DA45HR 24 bit DAT recorder

Tascam DA30 MK II DAT recorder

HHB CDR 800 Professional (dedicated Audio CDR)

Denon DR-M14HX x 4 cassette recorders

Glyph DVD RAM drive (up to 9.4GB portable file backup)

Additional Multitrack Recorders

Tascam DA 88 x3 (24 track digital tape recorder)

Soundcraft 760 series (1” 16 track analogue tape recorder) with Bell N.R.

Computer Sequencing

Digital Performer v 7.02 is also a very powerful midi-sequencing package.

We can therefore take your midi files (no matter what sequencing package they are from) and trigger sounds from any of our large selection of modules and samplers via a MOTU Midi Express interface.

It's a very stable system


  • Samplers/Soft Samplers and Soft Synths

  • Motu Mach 5 Soft Sampler with over 80gig of samples including Orchestral,drum, bass,synths etc
  • Access Virus Soft Synth
  • Spectronics (StylusRMX,Trilogy and Atmoshere)
  • Akai S3000 x2 (64 meg)
    Akai S1000 x1 ( 8 meg)
    CD Rom drives x2
    Zip drive x1
    Syquest drive x1
    Extensive Sample Library

    Midi Instruments

  • Zeta 5 string midi violin controller
    Casio MG510 midi guitar controller


  • Korg Wavestation
  • Roland JV1080 with expansion cards
  • Roland TD8 VDrum percussion sound module with V drum triggers
    Yamaha Clavinova PFP100,
    Yamaha CS15D (analogue synth)

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