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Getting the best out of your recording:

First visit:

Studio time will be charged at an hourly/daily rate so to get the best from your recording session rehearse as much as possible before hand. Check your instruments thoroughly ,fit new strings on guitars,check and tune drumskins .Try not to arrive with a hangover.Nominate someone to make production decisions and don't be over ambitous by recording too many tracks at the first session. Bring snacks and drinks but not all the family.

Multitracking: This enables us to record each instrument/vocal/drum track separately so that the whole band does not have to play at the same time ,corrections and editing can been done on individual tracks , harmonies and instrumental leads can be added later by the same musician.Often a guide vocal track is recorded with a click track to keep time , then drums and bass ,gradually the song is built in layers .We can record direct to stereo but there is no room to correct errors!
Mixing: Mixing is as important as the recording and will take time, so do allow for this in your budget.Each recorded track is listened to and checked for volume,EQ,effects such as reverb or delay ,stereo placement and any additional requirements. We can offer production advice.The tracks will be checked on 4 different monitoring systems and are now ready for mastering.
Mastering: This transfers your recording into a format that can then be duplicated on CD or cassette. Usually CD duplication is produced from a DAT tape which we master to at the studio.We can provide a CD which is also of a suitable quality to use as a master for duplication . You can have a cassette master but the nature of cassette is that it generates noise and we do not advise it for anything other than checking the mix at home .






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